Rewiring in Dallas

Most of the wiring in Dallas ’s older homes and business offices is insufficient; in terms of the amount of electrical power we use in this day and age. Merlan Electrical Services, LLC covers practically everything when it comes to re-wiring. We touch on new structures, old systems, and vice versa; you name it! From changing a switch or a plug to removing and replacing fixtures we got you covered.

Our main priority is the integrity of your home's electrical service. Mainly because it is a matter of safety, a faulty wiring job could lead to serious safety hazards.

If you are considering re-wiring your home or workspace; definitely choose a professional service like Merlan Electrical Services, LLC to take care of it. We can help you with aluminum circuits, knob and tube wiring and much more!

Residential & Commercial Rewiring Services include:

  • Inspection and assessment
  • Exterior Home Wiring
  • Knob and Tube replacement
  • Aluminum wiring rejuvenation
  • Addition of new circuits
  • Whole house rewiring

Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum wiring must be copper-tailed for safety reasons. Aluminum wiring, mostly used in older Dallas homes, is safe when properly installed, but over time it can become a safety hazard. Aged and rusted aluminum overheats very easily, and affects the flow of electricity in your home or work space, this is the effect of oxidization.

The good news is that these wires are replaceable. However, replacement isn't always necessary. Aluminum wiring needs to be treated and maintained. It is the only way to prevent oxidization. One way to do this, would be to regularly tighten your wiring connections, this can improve safety and lower costs considerably. It’s a great way to avoid rewiring your entire home.

Knob and Tube Wiring

While knob and tube wiring is safe, Dallas homeowners should be weary of the issues that accompany these systems. Firstly, there is no ground wire in knob and tube systems; and this is problematic. Secondly, there is the danger of a fire threat partly due to the breakdown of wiring insulation.

Another downfall is that most insurers will not provide or renew coverage in homes with knob and tube wiring. Structures with this type of wiring usually require total replacement before it can be approved for insurance coverage.

Expert advice and professional installation, on time and within budget with Merlan Electrical Services, LLC

Merlan Electrical Services, LLC highly-skilled electricians are prepared to rewire any circuit in your home or office space. Call us now to get the information you need, and take the first step to having a safer workplace and home!

Re-wiring an outdated or damaged circuit is always the safest option when choosing between complete wiring replacements vs wiring repairs. Our electricians will provide all of the options available to you and help you find a solution that meets your needs and your budget. When you call the expert electricians at Merlan Electrical Services, LLC, we can re-wire your home and bring it up to electrical safety authority (ESA) standards for a great price! Your safety is our priority, so we take the job seriously and we get it done right!